Produce Top Ten List 2022

By Adam Calder

As 2022 draws to a close, it is time to reflect on the fading year and what it looked like in the produce department over the past twelve months.

One interesting bit of data is the top selling produce items for the year. It is incredible how many pounds of bananas and bushels of potatoes our customers buy in a year!

1. Bananas – wow people sure do like these! So much, in fact, we sold 32,611 pounds of them.

2. Avocados – 12,750 individual fruits. That is a lot of guacamole and avocado toast.

3. Celery – 7, 056 pounds. Popular year round, and in the two weeks leading up to Thanksgiving, we sold 500 pounds.

4. Broccoli – 6,200 pounds. I’m so sorry kids. Your parents make you eat it, we just sell it.

5. Yukon Gold Potatoes – 5,000 pounds. They taste like they already have butter in them, so it makes sense people enjoy them so much.

6. Bartlett Pears – 4,800 pounds. Each bite is better than the last. By far the most popular pear.

7. Green onions – 4,600 bunches. Sweet and tender with bright white and green leaves, they perk up many dishes both cooked and raw.

8. Carrots – 4,800 pounds. A sales representative from our distribution warehouse once asked me if my customers are all orange because of the number of carrots we go through.

9. Yellow Onions –4,255 pounds. Not too hot, not too sweet, good for storage. A versatile and popular allium.

10. Garnet yams – 4,200 pounds. Sweet tasting with garnet colored skin and flesh. Sales go through the roof after the first freezing autumn night.

There you have it folks, the most popular items you bought from the produce department this year. It is amazing to think that an avocado tossed in a basket here and a bunch of bananas added to a cart of groceries there can add up to so many tons of food.

Each year these numbers go higher and higher, and this year the produce department has sold just over $1,000,000 worth of produce. That’s one million dollars! These top ten items are a big part of that total, but they do not represent the entirety of what we have available in produce. Stop in often, as our offerings ebb and flow with the changing seasons. We might not have everything, all the time, but what we have is fresh, seasonal, and healthy.