Linda Johnson, General Manager
January 2018

Linda JohnsonWith the arrival of the New Year, we are just a month away from celebrating the one year anniversary of the completion of our recent expansion project. The months since last February have been busy ones adapting to our new spaces and equipment while adjusting our operations to the new store. We asked what new features and products you wanted to see at Wheatsfield in the 2013 Member/Customer Survey and much of your feedback from that survey is now a reality! Some additional signage and equipment still remain on our to-do list from the project and we are always working to make improvements to enhance your shopping experience and our services, but we feel that the project was successful and we were able to implement a lot of what we heard that you wanted to see at the co-op.

We hope you have had the opportunity to shop in the expanded store frequently over the last year and to experience the new updates and products. It is no secret that as Wheatsfield has been growing and changing, so has the grocery industry. In the years since we conducted our last survey, the grocery sector has been in a state of constant change with the advent of online ordering and delivery, meal kit delivery companies like Blue Apron and HelloFresh, the recent acquisition of Whole Foods by Amazon and the rapid proliferation of competitors, just to name a few of the changes. Food co-ops across the country are trying to stay ahead of these changes and focus on what makes co-ops unique to help differentiate food co-ops from other grocers. Meeting member needs and expectations is a large piece of that picture and it is time now, on the heels of the expansion project, to conduct a new member/customer survey to gauge how we are doing and figure out how we can do better here at Wheatsfield. We want your feedback and a new survey will go a long way toward helping us plan for future growth.

The 2018 Member-Owner/Shopper survey will begin on January 1 and will be available online until January 31 at You will receive a coupon for a free espresso bar purchase for completing the survey and will be entered into a drawing to win one of three $50 gift cards for Main Street businesses. Please see the back page of this newsletter for more information and thank you in advance for providing your input!

In other exciting news, we increased the 2018 member-owner discounts in Wellness Whenever months and other special sale events to give you even more value for the dollars that you spend at Wheatsfield. Please review the sale notices for the January, February and March events that are featured in this newsletter to see what discounts you will receive when shopping your favorite sales and events this year.

Thank you for your continued support through shopping the Co-op and for your participation in the 2018 Member-Owner/Shopper survey. We couldn’t do it without you, our loyal members and shoppers, and we’re looking forward to hearing what you have to say! See you in the aisles.