International Women’s Day, March 8, 2024

We work with many woman-owned and woman-friendly businesses at the Co-op! This International Women’s Day, we wanted to highlight some of our local women-owned or led businesses. Please join us in supporting them.

We apologize for those local women-owned or led businesses we missed. There are quite a few! 


Dallas Center, Iowa
Sarah Underberg and her husband Eric started making fermented foods to address health problems like joint pain. Today they make raw sauerkrauts, pickles, kimchi, and kombucha – on tap at your Co-op! “We’re changing lives one gut at a time,” Sarah says.

CADO Ice Cream

Fairfield, Iowa
Deb Dowd is passionate about good health. She and her family created Shaktea Kombucha before moving onto their next (and very successful food adventure) CADO Ice Cream. The brand is really making a name for itself nationwide – winning accolades on many blogs’ and magazines’ “top 10” dairy-free ice cream lists. Their avocado base provides a rich, creamy canvas for classic ice cream favorites like mint chocolate chip, dark chocolate & lemon sorbet. Enjoy a whole avocado in every pint!

Clear Creek Orchard

Collins, Iowa
Teresa Conradi and her husband Martin take pride in making jams like grandma used to make. Clear Creek minimizes added sugar and keeps batch sizes small to minimize cooking time and to preserve the aromatic fruit flavor that boils off in commercial jam production. When the business transitioned to Martin, the original owner’s nephew, they transplanted many of the original Clear Creek berry plants to the new production site for consistency.

Dogpatch Urban Gardens

Des Moines, Iowa
Jenny started Dogpatch Urban Gardens in the fall of 2015 with the help of her husband, Eric Quiner.  The main reasons for starting the farm are to promote health/nutrition, enhance community, environmental conservation as well as instill family values for their sons.

Gym-N-Eat Crickets

Ames, Iowa
Local business owner Shelby Smith is trying to change the way food systems in America operate with her company Gym-N-Eat Crickets, which sustainably produces crickets for human consumption. Crickets are dense in protein and easy to farm.

Hanna Valley Protein

Des Moines, Iowa
Hanna Valley protein is an organic, whole food, plant based protein powder that is free from top food allergens and is packed with nutrition. Owner Emily Hanna took great care in creating a formula that contains all 9 amino acids, is free from grains/fillers, and is loaded with fiber and Omega 3’s.

Siberian Soap Company

Ames, Iowa
Ann Staudt is the founder, chief soap formulator, kitchen chemist, graphic designer, sales manager, packaging extraordinaire, and overall operations manager behind Siberian Soap Co.  She holds degrees in both chemical and environmental engineering. Soapmaking provides a wonderfully creative outlet that combines her interests in science, art, and living a simple, eco-friendly lifestyle.


Nevada, Iowa
Jennifer Knox, a poet, a cook, and a “devoted friend to parrots everywhere” makes unique herb and spice blends with her husband Collin. What started as holiday gifts in 2011 have gradually taken over their lives. They grow some of the herbs and spices and dehydrate them and also source ingredients in bulk, but all are grown in America and are preservative free.

Maytag Dairy Farm

Newton, Iowa
Myrna Ver Ploeg joined Maytag in 2003 and is currently the President of this premier cheese making company. She herself grew up on a dairy farm in Marshall County. Myrna says the business has always operated under three basic principles: be good stewards of whatever resources they are given, be independent thinkers and follow their hearts.

Deb Zisko Cards

Boone, Iowa
Deborah spends her precious spare time creating watercolor collages of the much loved Iowa landscape. A self-taught watercolor painter, she often works on smaller size paintings. The intimacy of space affords her the opportunity to explore layers of color.

Zero Loop

Ames, Iowa
Phoebe Liang D’Allessandro is the owner of Zero Loop, an all natural skin and body care line. Incorporating the fundamental principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine guide her product design and selection. Her belief is to live in harmony with nature and it is the central message of all Zero Loop products.