Case Orders

We suspended case orders for customers back in March when the pandemic hit and put immense pressure on the food supply and distribution system. We are ready to resume case orders again, but with some changes.

We will resume taking case orders beginning June 12 for pickup starting June 26. Ordering via the website form and email is preferred. Orders must be placed by Thursdays at noon, and will be available for pick up on Thursday of the following week. We will only be ordering case pre-orders once a week at this time. We will notify you on Wednesdays if your order was available or if it was out of stock. However, we will need time to process orders so please wait until Thursday to pick up your items.  If your item was out of stock you are free to reorder it, but we will not be automatically reordering any items due to many of the out of stock issues being long term.

The supply chain is still strained. Staple items are still hard to get and we continue to experience large out of stock issues from our distributors. No preorders for toilet paper or paper towels will be accepted due to the limited availability we are still experiencing. There may be other items we also cannot preorder as we move forward.

Our previous rules for no discounts on cow’s milk, diapers, and Co-op Basics items still apply.

We know many of you are anxiously waiting to place your case orders. Please be patient as we resume and remember that our priority is to fill the shelves in the store before fulfilling special orders. Let us know if you have any questions. Thank you for your cooperation!

Please submit your case order through our website at or via email at [email protected].