Spring officially arrived on March 20th, and with it came weather associated with the transition of the seasons.  As we all know from experience, Winter can be stubborn and fickle; and Spring has been known to tease us, and then be fashionably late to its own coming out party.  What is apparent is that the days are longer, the sun is warmer, and the robins are back.  When those things happen, it’s much easier for me to be more optimistic, more enthusiastic, and to have more energy.  The adage “Patience is a virtue,” certainly applies now!

On the business side, our Co-op continues to perform in a sound manner.  There are always challenges, however be assured that your Management Team has a sound plan for those things that can be controlled; and is prepared to adapt to the unexpected.  In fact, the entire staff at the Co-op is committed to providing you the best products and the best customer experience possible, even when the “uncontrollable” happens.  Be sure to offer a “Thank You” to those Team Members who “go the extra mile” to make it a pleasure to shop at Wheatsfield.

Inflation is one of those “uncontrollables” that remains challenging for you and the Co-op as well, however the cost of some items are slowly returning to near pre-COVID levels. We hope this is a harbinger of what is to come, however unfortunately the cost of most supplies and products purchased by the Co-op remains above the 2020 levels. On the positive side, and as noted at the Annual Meeting last October, Wheatsfield Co-op sales for 2022 were strong; and the 2023 sales are generally following those numbers or slightly above last year’s levels. Thank You!

Let me close by sharing a couple of good news items:

First- The construction phase of the HVACC project for the kitchen is complete and while the numbers aren’t all in yet, it looks like the project will be at or slightly under budget. The bakery and hot bar have been fully functional for about 2 months, and we very much appreciate your patience while the kitchen was shut down for this project.  Even more so, thank you for your return to purchasing those wonderful products.  In my mind, Wheatsfield has the best bakery in the area!

Second- Education activities (classes & tastings), store gatherings (Tiny Deck concert & more), and general Community Outreach activities are returning to a more “normal” schedule.  Check the E-News for the schedule of these events, and plan to attend one or many!


THANK YOU FOR YOUR CONTINUED SUPPORT!  You are what makes this Co-op the best it can be!

Ron Eichmeier

Wheatsfield Board – Vice President