Casey Szymanski
Board of Directors

Spring Has Finally Arrived,

and here at Wheatsfield we are anticipating more local produce and the celebration of Earth Day next week! Did you know environmental responsibility is one of our co-op’s core values? And more than just a day-long celebration, our store embodies a commitment to sustainability throughout the year in numerous ways, large and small. We embrace environmental stewardship with:

-Our business practices: The City of Ames has recognized Wheatsfield’s sustainability efforts with its highest-level Platinum certification in its Smart Business challenge for the past 5 years, recognizing the ongoing commitment to the innovation of Wheatsfield staff in continuing to improve sustainability systems in the store. Learn more about specific store waste and energy reduction efforts on our website.

-Our support for community: We invested in the SunSmart Ames community solar project and annually select several environmental organizations as recipients of the Change for Community register roundup program.

-Championing producers and products that embody our environmental commitment: Thanks to our Member-Owner and customer support this past fiscal year organic sales were 40% and local sales were 23.7% of total store sales.

Despite all these successes, we recognize there is much more work to be done to create a thriving environment for all. Let us know if you have any questions about our sustainability efforts or products. You can ask a staff member or leave a comment in the feedback box located in the main entrance vestibule. Help us do better together!

Also, if you are able, please consider stopping by the Co-op for some of these fun, sustainability-focused upcoming events. As the pandemic continues, we of course are still prioritizing the safety of customers and staff; all events will still require face masks and social distancing.

Mon., Apr. 19            Stash the Trash at the Co-op – 10AM

Tues., Apr. 20          $5 Dinner – 4:30pm-7pm – To-go on Hotbar

Wed., Apr 21             Beginner Bike Repair – 6:30pm – RSVP Online

Thurs., Apr. 22        Earth Day Seed Packet Giveaway – At the registers

Fri., Apr. 23              Produce Sale! & Plant-A-Seed – 2PM-5PM – Outside the Co-op

Sat., Apr. 24              Produce Sale! & Plant-A-Seed – 11AM-2PM – Outside the Co-op

We hope you join us at one of the Wheatsfield Earth Week activities this month. There is much to celebrate about what is possible when we come together as a cooperative community with shared values and a strong commitment to protecting people and our environment.