Wheatsfield Board President
April 19, 2020


I’ve taken a lot of walks these past few weeks. More than usual, I’d say. I imagine this is true for a lot of people these days. I’m particularly observing all the spring flowers this year. The daffodils, crocuses and tulips dotting my neighbors’ yards seem to continuously catch my eye. Sure enough, I’m noticing the magnolia trees are also just starting to develop blossoms and all those peonies and daylilies are emerging from their winter slumber preparing to bloom next month.

Maybe it is because of the sheer number of walks I’vebeen taking that’s making me more aware of all this plant life in my neighborhood. Or maybe the collective consciousness is reminding me that it is Earth Week and the 50th anniversary of the first Earth Day held on April 22, 1970. For whichever or whatever reason, the active and beautiful plant life on my bipedal wanderings serve as solace and comfort as we face these challenging and uncertain times. “Stop and smell the roses” doesn’t exactly fit in this case, but the sentiment of slowing down, looking around and taking a breath sure does.

Normally, my walks would be for objective reasons like heading to Wheatsfield to pick up a few ingredients for that night’s dinner or to meet with a friend or to attend one of the many social gatherings the co-op hosts. While the store’s commitment to social distancing guidelines doesn’t currently encourage or allow for these behaviors (and rightly so!), Wheatsfield is serving the essential role of providing food for our community. And not just any food. In the spirit of “Earth Day Every Day,” Wheatsfield sources food, produce and ingredients in manners that support the health of the environment. That ethos is what attracts so many members and shoppers to Wheatsfield. We know where to find organic produce and other locally- and sustainably-sourced products. Along with all of that emerging and abundant plant life this spring, Wheatsfield too serves as a reliable source of solace and comfort.

On behalf of my fellow directors, fellow members and all shoppers, I’d like to thank the staff of Wheatsfield for their tireless efforts put forth in adapting to the ever-changing conditions brought by COVID-19. Reliability in the face of a crisis like the one we are all facing does not happen by accident. The commitment to excellence and to everyone’s well-being is evident and tremendously appreciated. Thank you for all you do! And to everyone: Please stay safe and healthy.