By Kim McDermott, Wellness Manager

Summertime in Iowa is a great for getting outside, traveling, or just enjoying the sunshine and the beauty in your own backyard and gardens. And though you may love the sunshine and the outdoors, these hot, windy, buggy summer days can take a toll on your skin and body. Engaging in strenuous activity in the heat can also cause the depletion of important electrolytes, causing dehydration, fatigue and exhaustion. So if you’re playing hard this summer, be sure to arm yourself with a good quality sunscreen, bugspray, and other items to protect your skin and body.

Here are a few of my top must haves for summer!

Acure, Micellar Cleansing Towelettes

These towelettes are saturated with micellar water, rose and cucumber extracts. Micellar water is one of the cooler innovations to happen to body care. Made up of tiny oil droplets suspended in water, micellar water acts like a magnet on dirt and sweat. These are great for removing make-up, a quick clean up post work-out, or anytime you just need to freshen up fast. No rinsing necessary.

Heritage Store, Rosewater

This lovely smelling rose water quenches dry summer skin. The mist can be used as a facial toner and hydrator, or even a perfume and body mist. Keeping it in the refrigerator makes it even more refreshing on a hot day!

Bug Soother, Bug Repellent

Produced by a family owned company in Iowa, this all natural bug spray contains lemongrass and vanilla. It’s deet- free and safe for adults, children and pets. Many customers swear by this product, and it smells great too!

Badger, Zinc Clear Sunscreen

Badger sunscreens are rated very safe by the Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep database. This new formula uses a clear non-nano zinc oxide, which acts as a physical barrier on top of the skin to prevent sunburn. Clear zinc offers the additional benefit of not leaving a white sheen on the skin, unlike regular zinc oxide.

Inesscents, CBD Skin Salve

CBD skin salve has myriad uses as a topical for the skin and body. CBD oil contains naturally occurring fatty acids, powerful antioxidants and vitamins, in addition to anti-inflammatory properties. The original CBD skin salve also contains skin healing herbs, which makes it a useful first aid remedy for bumps, bruises, bug bites, etc. Weekend warriors may find the anti-inflammatory aspect helpful for supporting sore joints and muscles after a strenuous workout.

Sunny Green, Organic Beetroot Powder

Made with organic whole beets, this powder offers the convenience of beets in a powder form. Beet root is touted as one of the new superfoods, due to its high nutrient density and ability to boost endurance. Specifically, beet root contains high levels of nitrates, which convert to nitric oxide in the body. Nitric oxide acts as a blood vessel dilator, which helps oxygenate the muscles, which in turn increases performance and endurance in any given activity.

Trace Minerals, Power Pak Electrolyte Packets

These handy packets can be added to your water bottle to supply needed electrolytes. These work great to rehydrate during the summer months, and are especially useful for athletes, farmers, and anyone working or exercising out in the summer heat. They provide essential electrolytes like sodium, potassium, and magnesium plus B vitamins and Vitamin C for immune support. Very low sugar, no artificial colors or flavors, no caffeine, and great flavors like raspberry and pomegranate/blueberry.

Lifeflo, Magnesium Lotion

Magnesium is known as the relaxation mineral, as it assists in the relaxation response of muscles. It’s necessary in hundreds of biochemical reactions in the body, and maintains healthy nerve and muscles, keeps the heart beating steady, and helps keep bones strong. Being physically active and perspiring a lot on a hot summer day can deplete your body of electrolytes like magnesium. The magnesium in this lotion is absorbed through the skin, making it an ideal treatment after strenuous activity and or for sore tired muscles. A magnesium topical lotion can be applied directly to the area that needs it the most, like sore calves or hamstrings. Great for helping prevent those painful night time leg cramps too!