5 Earth Friendly Habits You Can Adopt Right Now

Happy Earth Week from your co-op! Want to do your part for the environment? It’s a lot easier than you think! These 5 eco-friendly habits are easy to adopt and will help reduce your impact.

1. Support Local Farmers.
Shop farmers’ markets, join a CSA, find a farmer near you that sells their products, and shop local producers at the co-op!

2. Rethink Your Need For New.
Use what you have, borrow instead of buying, buy used, and when you do shop, do so with intention. Check out local Buy Nothing Projects on Facebook or other community pages.

3. If It’s Broke, Fix It.
This ties into #2. Rather than tossing something out, see if it can be mended, reused, restored, or rehomed. Disposal should be the last resort.

4. Eat Less Meat.
Challenge yourself to enjoy more meals made up of veggies, grains, fruits, and responsibly-sourced dairy. Start with Meatless Mondays or try going vegan or vegetarian for a week. When you do eat meat, see #1.

5. Reduce Food Waste.
We are living in an unusual time that is providing an opportunity to learn to be creative and resourceful. Utilize the ‘scraps’, dress up and eat leftovers, by veggies that store well.