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Spring Flowers from Seed Savers

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By Adam Calder, Produce Manager March 2018 Produce Parable It’s spring, and that means it is time to start your flower seedlings.  If you’ve saved your own seeds from last year’s garden flowers, then good for you! If the birds and back yard critters ate all your flower seeds, or [...]

January 2018 Produce Parable

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2018 Weather & Crop Report By Adam Calder, Produce Manager There have recently been some extreme weather events that have effected major agricultural areas in the western and southern United States. Will the wildfires in California or the freezing temperatures in Florida have any negative impacts on the fruits and vegetables available from those areas? [...]

Christmas Trees for Sale at the Co-op!

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It's a Wheatsfield Co-op first! We're selling Christmas Trees this year at the Co-op! Oneota Slopes Farm - your Christmas Tree Grower:  Located in Decorah, Iowa, Andy, Emily Johnson and their three daughters grow 10 acres of pine, spruce and fir trees along the slopes of Northeast Iowa. After living in Georgia for a few [...]

October Produce Parable

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By Adam Calder, Produce Manager Have you tried the local apples this fall? If you haven’t yet, you should soon, as you may just move candy from its starring role in Halloween celebrations and move Iowa apples into that center stage spot. The apple crop this year is of excellent quality and variety. If you [...]

September 2017 Produce Parable

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The more you know… By Adam Calder, Produce Manager We have had many staff come and go over the years here at Wheatsfield. Everyone’s time at the co-op is different, yet hopefully all who have worked here have at the very least left with a little more knowledge than they started with. One of our [...]

August Local Produce Update

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By Adam Calder, Produce Manager This time of year is a great one for local produce.  We are still rolling in the bounty of summer produce, and the autumn produce is also starting to come on strong.  The best of these two seasons only overlap for about a month, so now is a good time [...]

The Iowa State University Crimson Sweet Watermelon

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By Adam Calder, Produce Manager Originally published in the July/Aug/Sept edition of the Field Journal. We expect the Crimson Sweet Watermelon in a few weeks! (Updated Aug 15) This year marks the 50th anniversary of the Iowa State University Horticultural Research Station. Over the years, the horticulture department has used the research station to develop [...]

Summer Local Produce Update

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July 2017 Produce Parable By Adam Calder With all of the corn and soybeans that are grown in Iowa, it can be easy to forget how much of the variety of nature’s bounty can come from Iowa’s fertile soil.  We’ve got a great selection of fresh, high quality Iowa grown produce just waiting to go [...]

Local Spring Produce Update!

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May 2017 Produce Parable Adam Calder, Produce Manager Spring is in full swing in Iowa, and as such the produce department is getting busier by the day.  There’s local organic rhubarb from Small Potatoes Farm in Minburn.  We’ve got assorted micro-greens from Organic Greens in Kalona.  The herbs from Mariposa Farms in Grinnell are as [...]