1. The Board unanimously approved a new 3-year contract with General Manager Linda Johnson. Thanks, Linda, for all your hard work!

2. The Board approved a January 31 pay-out of more than $23,000 in dividends to all preferred shareholders. Preferred shares earn a 4% dividend, annually.

3. As of December 31, 2017, rolling year-to-date sales were 7.83% above 2016. Management is effectively controlling expenses and inventory, while raising employee wages and maintaining strong sales.

4. Wheatsfield continues to have increased sales volume and customer counts. The average number of customers per day was 702 during December, and average daily sales were up 4.76% compared to December 2016.

5. Total Wheatsfield membership is at an all-time high with 5,989 members! We have also begun a Student Membership option for $20/year, and have already welcomed 26 people as Student Members.