August Change for Community Recipient: Food at First

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Food at First is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing meals to anyone who is hungry, everyone welcome, no questions asked. Food at First serves a hot meal every day of the year and hasn’t missed a meal in a decade! All meals are served outside as carry out at First Christian Church in [...]

July Change for Community Recipient: Prairie Flower Children’s Center

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Prairie Flower Children's Center is an outdoor-immersed, belonging-based and play-based early childhood education center. We are located within Ames city limits but we have 14 acres of woodlands, creeks, and ravines to explore. Our mission is to provide learning experiences that nurture in children their innate capacities for imagination & wonder while instilling the [...]

June Change For Community: Ames Pride

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Ames Pride is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization founded to promote community building among LGBTQIA+ individuals, to educate the community of issues affecting LGBTQIA+ people, and to facilitate an environment that values the intersectional identities of all people living in and around the City of Ames. We are committed to maintaining a community that recognizes [...]

May Change For Community: Cultivating Hope Farms

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Creating meaningful opportunities for inclusion and acceptance for those with autism and all disabilities. OUR MISSION Is to grow and support the health and well-being of persons with different abilities through care farming practices. We will cultivate growth through the planting of knowledge and skills [...]

April Change for Community: Outdoor Alliance of Story County

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Clean Water, Heathy Food The Outdoor Alliance of Story County (Outdoor Alliance) is a non-profit organization founded in 2013 at the request of Mike Cox, the Director of Story County Conservation. Since then, the Outdoor Alliance has raised funds for land acquisitions, trails, adult outdoor education, county park improvements, reconnecting the South Skunk River [...]

March Change for Community: Ames Romero House

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Ames Romero House Mission We invite those transitioning from homelessness, incarceration, or inadequate/unstable housing to stay with us and be part of a safe, stable home. There is no rent, judgement, and no expectations; only love, acceptance, and peace. Our mission stems from the encounter with the human person [...]

February Change for Community: Youth and Shelter Services

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Youth and Shelter Services At YSS, we provide mental & behavioral health services for youth & their families in central Iowa. We give children, teens and young adults the opportunity to find their voice, make healthy choices, feel safe and secure, learn life skills, heal with compassion, grow their confidence and, ultimately—stand strong. Since [...]

January Change for Community: Ames Animal Shelter

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The Ames Animal Shelter exists as a safe place where animals without a human voice to speak for them can find comfort and safety. They believe every life that comes through their doors matters—be it wild, domestic, or somewhere in-between. Through their services, education, and advocacy, they work to build a humane community [...]

Dec. Change for Community Recipient: Food at First

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For each hungry person who walks through the FAF doors costs $1.35. This means $100 could help feed 75 people, WOW! Food at First The Food At First program, in Ames, Iowa, currently consists of two parts: a daily free meal program, plus a perishable food pantry known [...]

Oct. Change for Community: The Bridge Home

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Mission We walk with those who have fallen on hard times to help them find hope and a home. Vision We will build on our success to become a model service provider by implementing cutting edge, best practices. Values Inclusiveness, Hospitality, Respect, Self-empowerment, Compassion, Hope Area of Service The Bridge Home serves the Two [...]


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