$5 Deli Dinners are BACK!

What’s a $5 Dinner?

Our Deli serves up a healthy portion of a made-from-scratch main dish (meat and a vegetarian option) and a rotating selection of fresh, deli-made sides.
Dinners are currently pre-packaged to-go from our Hotbar.

Why do we host $5 Dinners?

These dinners provide nourishing food at a great price while helping create a community of connectedness, belonging and fellowship in the store (one of the Co-op’s vision statements). Currently, dinners are to-go, but we look forward to the future when you can eat your meal here, enjoy conversation with your friends, run into your neighbors and hopefully meet someone new! $5 Dinners are about a lot more than just food!

One of the Co-op’s Core Value Statements: Concern for Community Play an active role in building thriving, sustainable relationships between our members, the store and the local community while sharing our resources for the betterment of the community in ways that honor our mission and cooperative principles.

Tues, Apr 20
Thai Chicken Curry (no-gluten) or Thai Tempeh (vegan, no-gluten) served with steamed rice and roasted veggies

Future Dates and Menus | TBD

The fine print: 
Menus subject to change. No substitutions. No further discounts. Evening hot bar on designated dates will be the $5 dinner. While supplies last. Inside Deli Seating not available at this time.