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In the field of geology the term doomed pioneers describes small critters living at the bottom of a shallow ocean that are being unwillingly transported to the deep by mud-slides. In this new and strange environment they become pioneers, and because most of them will not succeed they are doomed. Deanna, an Arkansas transplant, and Jacqueline, from Switzerland, can relate to the feeling of being in an unfamiliar place and working hard on not becoming doomed.

Doomed Pioneers formed three years ago in Ames when Deanna and Jacqueline discovered that they enjoy the same mixture of jazz inspired folk music. Deanna has been singing all her life and is fascinated by minimalistic instrumentation and loves lyrics that employ a good turn of phrase. Jacqueline, originally a saxophone player, discovered the beauty of the guitar ten years ago and infuses songs of various genres with the feeling of Bossa Nova.

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