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April Artist: Katharine Silent Walker

I’m a nomadic printmaker and painter. Identifying a place to call home has always seemed like a strange concept to me, so that is why I create artwork inspired by anthropology and a culture’s spiritualism. I base my work primarily in Printmaking because of its responsiveness and diversity; allowing emotionally charged subject matter to be translated successfully onto paper. Each print can be interpreted, or even exaggerated with mixed media to narrate the various parts of the subject matter.

Orthrus Press came to be when I realized I could no longer keep two identities separate. Being a two-headed dog from Greek Mythology, Orthrus embodies the old Graffiti entity and the emergence of fine arts. While one dog head holds true to the act of spontaneous free-will creation and resourcefulness; the other side of the beast explores ulterior meanings by digging into cultural background or ancestral roots to express subject matter.

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