Monday, Sept 13
Penne Chicken w/ Andouille
Tofu Butternut Stew vgn, ng
Rice vgn, ng
Roasted Potatoes vgn, ng

Tuesday, Sept 14
Tuna Noodle Supreme
Thai Tempeh vgn, ng
Rice vgn, ng
Veg of the Day vgn, ng

Wednesday, Sept 15
Shoyu Chicken
Shoyu Tofu vgn, ng
Rice vgn, ng
Roasted Veggies vgn, ng

Thursday, Sept 16
BBQ Chicken
BBQ Tofu vgn, ng
Potatoes O’Brien

Friday, Sept 17
Green Enchilada Pie vgt
Roasted Chicken ng
Yellow Rice vgn, ng
Steamed Veggies vgn, ng

Saturday, Sept 18
Chef’s Choice

Sunday, Sept 19
Chef’s Choice