Week of Jan 21

//Week of Jan 21

Week of Jan 21

Monday, Jan 21

Roasted Chicken NG
Vegan Mac & Cheese VGN
Vegetable of the Day VGT, NG
Quinoa NG VGT
Roasted Potatoes VGT NG

Tuesday, Jan 22

Shoyu Chicken NG
Sweet & Sour Chicken NG
Sweet & Sour Tofu VGN, NG
Sauteed Cabbage VGT NG
Basmati Rice VGN NG
Vegetable of the Day VGT NG

Wednesday, Jan 23

Roasted Chicken NG
Southwest Mac & Cheese VGT
Sauteed Corn VGT NG
Vegetable of the Day VGT NG
Parmesan Roasted Potatoes VGT NG
Garlic Bread VGN

Thursday, Jan 24

Roasted Chicken NG
Tempeh Shepherds Pie GT
Tuna Noodle Casserole
Roasted Potatoes VGT, NG
Vegetable of the Day VGT, NG
Garlic Bread VGN

Friday, Jan 25

Roasted Chicken NG
Parmesan Roasted Potatoes VGN, NG
Three Cheese Polenta VGT, NG
Vegetable of the Day VGT, NG
Braised Greens VGT, NG

Saturday, Jan 26

Pizza!!! Vegetarian and Vegan options

Sunday, Jan 27

Chef’s Choice! Vegetarian, Vegan and No Gluten options

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