Week of Feb 18

//Week of Feb 18

Week of Feb 18

Monday, Feb 18

Roasted Chicken NG
Chicken Pasta
Garlic Bread VGN
Vegetable of the Day VGN, NG
Braised Greens & Beans NG VGN
Roasted Yams VGN NG

Tuesday, Feb 19

Tandoori Roasted Chicken NG
Chicken Vindaloo
Chana Masala VGN, NG
Indian Creamed Spinach VGT NG
Sauteed Cabbage VGN  NG
Vegetable of the Day VGN  NG

Wednesday, Feb 20

Roasted Chicken NG
Greek Meatloaf
Seitan Stew VGN
Vegetable of the Day VGT NG
Basmati Rice VGN NG
Sauteed Broccoli VGT, NG

Thursday, Feb 21

Roasted Chicken NG
Green Curry Tropical Chicken NG
Tofu Butternut Stew VGN, NG
Sauteed Beets VGT, NG
Vegetable of the Day VGT, NG
Basmati Rice VGN, NG

Friday, Feb 22

Roasted Chicken NG
Chicken Tacos NG
Veggie Tacos VGN, NG
Mexican Black Beans VGN, NG
Vegetable of the Day VGT, NG
Basmati Rice VGN, NG

Saturday, Feb 23

Pizza!!! Vegetarian and Vegan options

Sunday, Feb 24

Chef’s Choice! Vegetarian, Vegan and No Gluten options

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