Pollinators, People, and Plants

David Stein, Prairie Rivers of Iowa Watersheds and Wildlife Program Coordinator

Both people and pollinators rely on plants for survival. Whether it’s food, shelter, security, or just quality of life, people and pollinators are linked through the continued presence of plants in our lives. Join Prairie Rivers of Iowa’s Watersheds and Wildlife Coordinator David Stein as we explore just how intertwined our reliance on native plants really is. We will also explore native plant foraging, and how pollinators make this possible.

Wheatsfield Cooperative would like to thank David and Prairie Rivers of Iowa for making this partnership possible and offering this education opportunity to our community! Don’t forget to round up your transactions in support of PRI, our Change for Community recipient for the month of September. 


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David Stein, Prairie Rivers of Iowa

Date and Time
Tuesday, September 14, 5:30-6:30pm

Zoom Class