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January & February Artist: Isaac Prior

What if? That question has always been a driving force of inspiration. If there could be a creature on this planet that can create light, with a chemical reaction in its thorax to attract a mate or the ability for a fungus to infect the brain of an ant and turn them into a mindless, light seeking, insect, why couldn’t there be a tortoise so large it could have a mountain on its back, or a bird that has command over fire? The universe is limitless and the thought of what is possible is incomprehensible. With my art I focus on this and expand it even into the abstract realm of creativity.

Through the mediums I use I am able to show the inner reflections of the world. I have a fondness for nature as well as cosmic powers. Pen and ink is my main medium, but colored pencils are commonly used in my work.

Isaac’s work will be on display in the Deli Seating Area during January & February.

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