Cooking Class: Heart-Healthy and Low-Sugar Desserts

Whether you watch your sugar intake or you stick to a heart-healthy diet, these nutritious desserts will fit into your balanced diet and satisfy your sweet cravings at the same time! Join a local dietitian as we create 2 traditional desserts with some substitutions to increase nutrients and improve balance!

Menu: Black Bean Brownies (vegetarian & non-gluten) and Creamy Fruit Salad (vegetarian)


Kimberly Baishnab (Korff) is a registered dietitian nutritionist specializing in cultural foods and culinary nutrition. Kimberly provides nutrition counseling and local workshops to promote a positive relationship with food for everyone in your family. Join Kimberly in the kitchen and the classroom to learn more about your health and being well-nourished eaters!

Date and Time
Monday, Dec 4, 5:30-7pm

Nutrition Education
Low Sugar