The Outdoor Alliance of Story County (Outdoor Alliance) was established in 2013 as a non-profit organization at the request of the Director of Story County Conservation.

Since then, the Outdoor Alliance has raised funds for land acquisitions, student service learning projects, adult outdoor education, river cleanup, prairie seed collecting, tree plantings, trails and other service projects. The organization works with Story County Conservation, Iowa Natural Heritage Foundation and many other formal and informal groups and individuals.

Plans for 2020 include our efforts to raise funds for Story County Conservation’s on-going water monitoring program. This is the first step in addressing water quality issues in the county. Improving water quality will enhance our health, the viability of our communities and outdoor recreational opportunities.

Still, much remains undone in Story County and the Outdoor Alliance is working to make more of these projects possible. Wheatsfield, Story County Conservation, the Outdoor Alliance and so many other groups and individuals are all working for the kind of world we want to live in and leave to those that follow.

The Outdoor Alliance mission is to enhance outdoor recreational, education and conservation in Story County by working with our many partners. More information about the Outdoor Alliance, our previous and on-going projects, as well as membership information, is at