Worm Composting

Composting with Worms – Beginning Your Vermiculture Adventure

Interested in learning how easy it is to turn your food scraps into compost? Vermiculture is a process of composting which holds a particular appeal to homeowners and apartment dwellers alike since you can utilize worms, in a bin, to compost food waste year-round. The worms do all the work! You’ll leave this class with specific instructions on what you need to get started with this efficient method of composting and some worms to get started with.

Plus, one lucky attendee will receive a four-bin worm composting setup we will raffle off!

Class size is limited and will be held outside the co-op on the east deck. Social distancing and masks are required.

Steve Libbey, Composting Educator

Date and Time
Saturday, May 22, 9am-10am

Free Class
Outdoors, Social Distance